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Age Requirements

  • Minimum rental age is 25 years for car groups PWAR-PDAR-LDAR-PEAR-SWAR-FWAR-IFMR-SFMR-SFAR-CTMR
  • Minimum rental age is 23 years for car groups EDAR-SDAR-FDAR-FDMR-SWMR-IMAR-IVAR-FVMR-GVMR-SVMR-PVMR
  • A young drivers surcharge applies as follows: 21-25 years EUR 24.25 PER DAY plus VAT to a maximum charge of 10 days (EUR 242.50 +VAT). (Please note not all car groups are available at all locations.)
  • There is no upper age limit.

License Requirements

All drivers must produce documents at the start of the rental. Drivers must present a full and valid driving license which has valid for at least 12 months. License must be in Roman alphabet and clearly identifiable as a driving license. An international driving license is valid only if presented with the domestic driving license. Drivers must also present their passports and return train or flight tickets and a local landline telephone number, this cannot be a mobile number.

Additional Drivers

A charge of EUR 26.76 plus VAT, per rental is applicable for each additional driver. All additional drivers must meet age and license requirements set out above and rental conditions apply to all drivers.

Cross Border Policy

Cross border travel is permitted into Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Luxembourg, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom at no extra cost.

Cross border travel is permitted into France Corsica, Sardinia Islands, Balearic Islands, providing the car is returned to the European mainland. Cars taken to Channel Islands cannot benefit from any breakdown or accident assistance. Cars taken to Corsica must be brought back to the Continent.

Cross border travel is NOT permitted into Albania, Belarus, Bosnia Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Republic of Macedonia, Romania, Russia, Serbia and Montenegro, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Turkey, Ukraine.

Please be advised that the following areas in Germany: Berlin, Cologne and Hannover will require an 'Emissions Sticker' stating the emission of the vehicle intended to enter these areas. Without this sticker, the driver of the vehicle will be fined up to EUR 40.00 even if the car is registered abroad. Should the car not have the 'Emissions Sticker', then this can be purchased at most garages.

Please inform the depot at time of pick up if you are planning to travel outside of France.

One Way Rentals

Domestic one-way within mainland France are free of charge* for rentals over 3 days in length and must be requested at time of booking.

* There is a local charge of 230.00 EUR, including VAT, for the CTMR-SVMR car groups and 450.00 EUR, including VAT, for the IFMR-SFAR-SFMR car groups

One way rentals are NOT permitted between France mainland and France Corsica. International one way rentals are not permitted for the IFMR-SVMR-CTMR car groups

All one way rentals are subject to availability.

Condition of Vehicle

Vehicle must be returned, normal wear and tear excepted, in the same condition as when rented. If special cleaning is required a separate charge will be made directly to the customer.

Special Equipment

  • Child infant seats (CSI) are available at a cost of 25.08 EUR per rental + VAT. Suitability is 0-1 year of age or under 9 kilos.
  • Child toddler seat (CST) are available at a cost of 25.08 EUR per rental +VAT. Suitability is 1-3 years of age or under 18 kilos.
  • Child booster seats (BST) are available at a cost of 25.08 EUR per rental +VAT. Suitability is 3/4 to 10 years of age or over 15 kilos.

Please request child seats at time of reservation.
GPS navigation systems are not available but are fitted as standard into the SXMR-SDAR-FDAR-LDAR-PDAR-SWMR-SWAR-FWAR-IMAR-IVAR-GVMR-SFMR-SFAR car groups.

Winter Rentals:

  • Snow chains (SNO) are available per rental for the EBMN-EBMR-EDMR-EXMR-EVMR-CDMR-CVMR-CXMR-IDMR-SXMR-IVMR-IMMR-CWMR-SWMR-IMAR-IVAR-FVMR-GVMR car groups. Cost is confirmed at time of booking according to the winter season.
  • Snow chains (SNT) are available for the IFMR-SFMR-SFAR car groups. Cost is confirmed at time of booking according to the winter season.
  • Ski racks (SKI) are available for the EBMN-EBMR-EDMR-EXMR-EVMR-CDMR-CXMR-IDMR-SXMR-IVMR-IMMR-CWMR-SWMR-IMAR-IVAR car groups. Cost is confirmed at time of booking according to the winter season.
  • Winter equipment vehicles (WIN) are available for the CDMR-CXMR-SDMR-SXMR-IVMR-IMMR car groups. Cost is confirmed at time of booking according to the winter season.



Winter equipment is not permitted for one way rentals in France or a local penalty charge applies. All winter equipment (SKI, SNO, SNT and WIN) are available from 1st November to 30th April. Winter equipped vehicles include 4 snow tyres, 1 ski rack for 2 pairs of ski's, 1 pair of snow chains and 1 ice scrapper. Note: The availability of WIN, SNO, SNT & SKI varies by location.

A safety kit, which includes one safety jacket and one safety triangle, is required by law and is provided in all vehicles. Customers may supply their own if they wish but the police authorities will issue a fine to the driver if they cannot provide a safety kit if asked to. The rental company cannot be held responsible if the driver is not able to present or use the safety equipment and all police fines will be charged to the driver in all cases. There is a charge of 16.72 EUR +VAT for any damage or loss to the safety kit and this will be paid locally.

Luggage racks, Snow box and Mobile phones are NOT available.

All special equipment is available on request only.


A premium location fee is Euro 26.76 per rental plus VAT (Euro 32.00 including VAT) is applied for at all airports and railway stations in France. Vehicle Licensing Fee is Euro 1.89 per day plus VAT (Euro 2.26 per day including VAT). Maximum charge is 4 days and mandatory at time of rental.

Delivery and collections may be permitted on request and local conditions apply. Delivery and collection charges are advised at the time of reservation

Refueling Policy

All vehicles are supplied with a full tank of fuel and customers must return the car with a full tank of petro/fuel or refueling charges will apply as valid at time of rental. No refunds are issued for unused fuel. Refueling costs are subject to change at any time. Please ask for further details when picking up the vehicle.

Payment Policy

All major credit cards. This section will be updated shortly, please check back.


Reservations will be confirmed by vehicle group. Specific makes, models cannot be guaranteed. Minimum rental period is 3 days. 24 hours equals one rental day.

Roadside Assistance

Roadside assistance is available for all rentals except those in the Channel Islands. The roadside assistance emergency telephone number for rentals within France is 0800 13 1211 and for rentals outside of France call +33 1 4993 7361. Clients may have to pay for repairs, and should keep receipt of invoices in case a refund is due. In case of an accident, the customer must complete an accident report in all cases within 24 hours otherwise the full deductible amount will apply.

Insurances + Waivers

Theft Liability Waiver (TLW) if purchased, will reduce financial responsibility for the vehicle to the sum of the deductible.

Collision Damage Liability Waiver (DLW) includes collision damage waiver. If DW is purchased it reduces the amount of the renters damage responsibility to the sum of the deductible

Additional insurance coverage waivers may be purchased at time of pick up to cover: Super CDW, Personal Accident Insurance, Super Personal Accident Insurance. Please ask for details.

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