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Age Requirements

  • Minimum rental age is 19 years for all car groups except for car groups PCAR, FWAR, FVMR, PVMR, FCAR, ICMR, IXMR & IWMR for which the minimum rental age is 25 years.
  • A young drivers surcharge of EURO 10.85 per day + VAT for drivers 19/20 years of age, and EURO 5.16 per day + VAT for drivers 21/24 years of age.
  • There is no upper age limit subject to driving license expiration and license requirements.

License Requirements

All drivers must produce documents at the start of the rental. Drivers must present a full and valid driving license which has valid for at least 1 year. An international driving license is required for all drivers outside of EU countries and must be presented with domestic driving license and passport.

Customer's who have citizenship in Eastern Europe (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine, Russia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia and Slovenia) will be required to provide the following documents: 1) A second document in addition to the valid driving license showing photo and address issued by a public organization, 2) A return airline or rail ticket, 3) A hotel reservation or an address in Italy.

Additional Drivers

Additional driver charge of EUR 4.17 plus VAT per day or EUR 20.50 + VAT per week or EUR 41.00 per month +VAT is applicable for each additional driver. All additional drivers must meet age and license requirements set out above and rental conditions apply to all drivers.

Cross Border Policy

Vehicles are allowed to cross the borders of the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Luxemburg, Norway, Netherlands, Portugal, United Kingdom, Spain, Sweden, Slovenia, Croatia and Switzerland.

Please be advised that the following areas in Germany: Berlin, Cologne and Hannover will require an 'Emissions Sticker' stating the emission of the vehicle intended to enter these areas. Without this sticker, the driver of the vehicle will be fined up to EUR 40.00 even if the car is registered abroad. Should the car not have the 'Emissions Sticker', then this can be purchased at most garages.

Customers MUST advise the car will be driven out of Italy at the point of pick up.
Please let us know when reserving if you plan to travel out of Italy.
Vehicles MAY NOT be driven into any other country other than those listed above.

One Way Rentals

One way rentals must be requested at time of booking. Please note the following restrictions/charges:

Domestic One-way rentals within Italy cost as follows:

  • Within Italian Mainland to Mainland / Sicily to Sicily / Sardinia to Sardinia : Euro 40.00 per rental plus VAT
  • From Italian Mainland to Sicily & vice versa: Euro 53.00 per rental - plus VAT
  • Intra-city one ways are free of charge.
Domestic One Ways From Italian Mainland or Sicily to Sardinia & vice versa is no longer allowed for all car groups.
  • Within Sardinia one-way rentals are allowed the cost is: Euro 40.00 per rental - plus vat.


Vehicle Group Restrictions:
-Groups PCAR, FVMR, PVMR & FWAR may only be used for Domestic one ways between locations from which they are available and these groups cannot be used for International one-ways.
-Groups PVMR and FVMR can only be used for rentals between Mainland to Mainland, Sicily to Sicily and Sardinia to Sardinia.
-Group FWAR is available for both pick-up and drop-off only in: Milan Linate Apt, Milan Malpensa Apt, Venice Apt, Florence Finiguerra, Florence Apt, Rome Ciampino Apt, Rome Fiumicino Apt, Rome Stazione Termini, Rome Via Po, Naples Apt, Catania Apt (Sicily) and Palermo Apt (Sicily) locations.
-For Mainland & Sicily, group PCAR is available for both pick-up and drop-off only in: Milan Stazione, Milan Linate Apt, Milan Malpensa Apt, Venice Apt, Venice Mestre, Pisa Apt, Florence Apt, Florence Citta, Rome Ciampino Apt, Rome Fiumicino Apt, Rome Via Po, Rome Termini, Naples Apt, Naples Stazione, Catania Apt (Sicily), Palermo Apt (Sicily), Verona Apt, Verona Stazione, Turin Apt, Genoa Apt, Bergamo Apt, Bologna Apt, Lamezia Apt, Bari Apt, Bolzano, Brescia Apt, Brindisi Apt, Forli Apt, R.Calabria Apt, Treviso Apt & Trieste Apt.
-For Mainland groups FVMR and PVMR are available for both pick-up and drop-off only in: Milan Stazione, Milan Linate Apt, Milan Malpensa Apt, Venice Apt, Venice Mestre, Pisa Apt, Florence Apt, Florence Citta, Rome Ciampino Apt, Rome Fiumicino Apt, Rome Via Po, Rome Termini, Naples Apt, Naples Stazione, Verona Apt, Verona Stazione, Turin Apt, Genoa Apt, Bergamo Apt, Bologna Apt, Lamezia Apt, Bari Apt and Brindisi Apt. No drop off to Sicily or Sardinia is allowed.
-For Sicily, groups FVMR and PVMR are available for both pick-up and drop-off only in: Catania Apt & Palermo Apt. No drop off in Mainland or Sardinia is allowed.
-For Sardinia, groups PCAR, FVMR and PVMR are available for both pick-up and drop-off only in: Alghero Apt, Cagliari Apt & Olbia Apt.
No drop off to Mainland or Sicily is allowed.

International one way rentals may be permitted at a surcharge and a minimum 3 day rental is required. International one way rentals are NOT allowed for PCAR, FVMR, PVMR and FWAR car groups

All one way rentals are subject to availability.

Condition of Vehicle

Vehicle must be returned, normal wear and tear excepted, in the same condition as when rented. If special cleaning is required a separate charge will be made directly to the customer.

Special Equipment

Child Seats:

  • Child/Infant seat Up to 9 Kg CSI = Euro 35.83+VAT per rental
  • Child/Toddler seat up to 18 Kg CST= Euro 35.83+VAT per rental
  • Booster Cushion from 18 Kg BST = Euro 35.83+ VAT per rental


Winter equipment:

  • Snow chains SNO = Euro 29.17 +VAT per rental (available for all car groups except FVMR/PVMR) (available all year round).
  • Ski rack SKV= Euro 30.83+VAT per rental (available for all car groups except FVMR/PVMR).


GPS Units

GPS units are available at all locations at a charge of: Euro 10.00 per day +VAT (or EUR 50.00 +VAT per week and EUR 7.14+ VAT per extra day). The maximum charge is Euro 150.00 + tax per rental.

GPS Navigation cannot be confirmed at the time of the reservation but it can be requested at pick-up time.

In case of damage or theft there will be a penalty charge of Euro 250.00 + VAT.
GPS are allowed for one way rentals, however penalty charges will apply as follows: If the GPS unit is returned to a different city, there will be a penalty charge of EUR 40.00 + VAT. If the GPS unit is returned to a different location (but in the same city as the pickup location), there will be a penalty charge of EUR 20.00 + VAT.

All cars will be equipped with a reflective jacket which must be worn in an emergency else a fine will be levied. There is no extra charge for the use of this but if not returned then 18 Euros will be charged.

All special equipment is available on request only.


Premium Location Fees:

A charge of 16% + tax for all airport locations (except for Cagliari Elmas Airport CAGT71/01 where the charge is 9% + tax)
A charge of 12% + tax for all Railway locations.
Premium Location fees surcharges applies on all charges, excluding fuel.


Vehicle license fee / Road fund tax fee is Euro 1.90 per day + tax, with a maximum charge of 18 days = EUR 34.20 + tax.

Contract Mandated Charge: A handling fee of EUR 1.60 + VAT per rental is applicable to cover administrative & postage expenses, which applies to all rentals.

GMU/GRV is EUR 30.00 + tax. This is an administration fee to manage a dossier in case of an accident, fines notification, tolls payment and/or fees/charges of any kind due to vehicle parking during the rental period. This fee is not charged incase of an accident suffered by the customer when the counterpart totally accepts his/her responsibility signing the CAI form. This charge is not loaded in the system and is payable locally if applicable.
PMR: There is a penalty charge of EUR 500.00 (inc tax) if the customer who has an accident forgets to inform Maggiore about it, and in case of negligence to deliver a copy of the accident report whilst returning the car or in case he/she doesn't provide (even after the closure of the rental), all the necessary information regarding the accident.

Delivery and collections may be available on request and local conditions and charges apply.

Within renting office city limits - Euro 15.00 + VAT per rental.
Outside of city limits a charge of Euro 0.86 + VAT per km with a minimum charge of Euro 15.00 + VAT per rental.
Out of hours - the charges are doubled.

For out of hours pick up and drop off- if an employee is needed, the charge will be Euro 25.82 per rental. Pick up will be at an airport agency, flight details must be supplied

Refueling Policy

The vehicle will be supplied with a full tank. Customers are to return with a full tank or pay a refueling charge of Euro 15.00 + VAT + cost of missing petrol, which is 30% more expensive due to variable supply costs.
No refunds are issued for unused fuel. Refueling costs are subject to change at any time. Please ask for further details when picking up the vehicle.

Payment Policy

All credit cards (VISA, AMEX, Master Card, Diners) are accepted. Cash rentals are NOT allowed.
For a car with an engine size 1.9 & over, customer must show 2 credit cards or a business credit card or American Express Gold or American Express / Diners which has been issued for at least 2 years.
The deposit held on the customers credit card amounts to the estimated total rental charge plus 50% of theft and collision deductibles. A credit card is always required for deposits which are held on the credit card until the car is returned.




Reservations will be confirmed by vehicle group. Specific makes, models cannot be guaranteed. Minimum rental period is 3 days. 24 hours equals one rental day.

Roadside Assistance

24 hours roadside assistance is available: call toll free 800 400 070 when in Italy.
If outside of Italy or using a foreign mobile phone, call +39 02 582 861 41.

Insurances + Waivers

Theft Liability Waiver (TLW) if purchased, will reduce financial responsibility for the vehicle to the sum of the deductible.

Collision Damage Liability Waiver (DLW) includes collision damage waiver. If DW is purchased it reduces the amount of the renters damage responsibility to the sum of the deductible

Additional insurance coverage waivers may be purchased at time of pick up to cover: Please inquire at time of pick up.

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