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Age Requirements

  • Minimum rental age is 25 years for car groups EBMR, EDMR, CCMR, CDMR, CDAR, IWMR, IWAR, IVAR, IVMR & CVMR
  • Minimum rental age is 21 years for car groups PDMR.
  • Minimum rental age is 23 years for car groups for all other groups.
  • There is no young drivers surcharge as young drivers are not permitted. (Please note not all car groups are available at all locations.)
  • There is no upper age limit subject to driving license expiration and license requirements.

License Requirements

All drivers must produce documents at the start of the rental. Drivers must present a full and valid driving license which has valid for at least 2 years.   An international driving license is required for all drivers outside of EU countries and must be presented with domestic driving license and passport.

*NEW - Spanish Law now states that, rental cars must have a copy of the rental agreement, within valid rental dates. If requested by police or Guardia Civil, the Lessee must show the valid rental agreement. If this is out-of date, the Lessee will be fined with 1001.00 €.

 So it is mandatory that any possible rental extension is processed at our rental locations by the customer, in person. It couldn’t be processed by phone, by e-mail, etc. while, even if it is registered in ATESA’s records, if it’s not carried inside the car, the authorities will issue a fine. This penalty cannot be removed by showing documents after the fine is applied

Additional Drivers

*NEW - Additional driver charge of EUR 6.00  plus VAT per day with a maximum charge or Euro 45.00 +VAT is applicable for each additional driver. A maximum of 3 additional drivers may be added.  All additional drivers must meet age and license requirements set out above and rental conditions apply to all drivers.

Cross Border Policy

Vehicles are permitted to be driven into Portugal, Andorra & Gibraltar with no additional outside Spain insurance required.

*NEW - Vehicles are also permitted to be driven into Austria, Germany, Belgium, France, Netherlands, Italy, Luxembourg, Monaco & Switzerland with the purchase of "OUTSIDE SPAIN INSURANCE". This insurance MUST be purchased – current rates:  1-10 days Euro 40.00 + VAT; 11-27 days Euro 65.00 + VAT: 28 days+ Euro 90.00 + VAT, this is purchased at the counter when picking up the vehicle.

Please be advised that the following areas in Germany: Berlin, Cologne and Hannover will require an 'Emissions Sticker' stating the emission of the vehicle intended to enter these areas. Without this sticker, the driver of the vehicle will be fined up to EUR 40.00 even if the car is registered abroad. Should the car not have the 'Emissions Sticker', then this can be purchased at most garages.

Customers MUST advise the car will be driven out of Spain at the point of pick up.
Please let us know when reserving if you plan to travel out of Spain.
Vehicles MAY NOT be driven into any other country other than those listed above.

One Way Rentals

*NEW - Domestic one ways are available for all locations situated within Continental Spain with a EUR 50.00 + tax drop charge applicable.

  • One ways between locations situated in the same city are free of charge. 
  • For the Canary Islands, one ways are allowed between locations situated in the same island free of charge.
  • One ways are not allowed between Islands and Continental Spain or among Islands.
  • For the Balearics, one ways are not allowed.
  • One ways are to be pre-booked.

International one way rentals may be permitted at a surcharge.  International one way rentals are NOT allowed for FVMR and SVMR car groups

All one way rentals are subject to availability.

Car group SVMR can not be picked up or dropped off at MADX73/MADX03 due to height parking restrictions at this station.

Condition of Vehicle

Vehicle must be returned, normal wear and tear excepted, in the same condition as when rented. If special cleaning is required a separate charge will be made directly to the customer.

Special Equipment


Child Seats:

Children under 3 years must use a restraint system adapted to their weight and size. For Children up to 3 years old, whose height is less than 150cm, it it mandatory for the use of restraint system adapted to their weight and size or, at least the use of a seatbelt.  Seats are available on request. Please ask at the time of reserving.
  • Infant seat (CSI) Up to 18 Kg = Euro 6.00 per day plus tax, with a maximum of Euro 42.00 + tax per rental.
  • Child/Toddler seat (CST) up to 36 Kg = Euro 6.00 per day plus tax, with a maximum of Euro 42.00 + tax per rental.
  • Booster Seat (BST) over 36 Kg = Euro 6.00 per day plus tax, with a maximum of Euro 42.00 + tax per rental.
Winter equipment:
  • Ski Rack (SKV) = Euro 45.00 per rental plus tax.
  • Snow chains (SNO) = Euro 45.00 per rental plus tax.
Luggage racks are NOT available.

GPS Units

GPS units are available at a charge of Euro 7.50 per day plus tax, maximum of Euro 75.00 + tax per rental.

GPS are only available at the following locations: Madrid Airport, Madrid Alcobendas, Madrid Atocha RRS, Barcelona Muntaner, Barcelona Airport, Barcelona Sants RRS, Gerona RRS, Santander Airport, Bilbao Airport, Zaragoza, Zaragoza Airport, Zaragoza RRS, Alicante Airport, Alicante RRS,Valencia Airport, Valencia Ave high Speed RRS, Alicante RRS, Sevilla Airport, Malaga Airport, Sevilla Santa Justa RRS, Malaga RRS, LA Coruña Airport, Vigo Airport, Santiago de, Compostela Airport, Asturias Airport, Palma de Mallorca Airport.

 Additional charges may apply as follows: For one way rentals with GPS, there is an additional charge of Euro 20.00 + tax (paid locally). If returning the car (with GPS) to an office outside the peninsula (outside Spain), there is a charge of Euro 250.00 + tax (paid locally). Incase of Theft, loss, breakdown or breakage of the entire accessory or GPS unit, there is a charge of Euro 250.00 + tax (paid locally). In case of Theft, loss, breakdown or breakage of any other component of the GPS unit, there is a charge of Euro 30.00 + tax (paid locally).

All equipments require 24 hours advance notice.

One fluorescent jacket per rental as the law requires, non returned jackets are charged at 8.00 Euro. Emergency Triangles are also provided - non returned triangles sets will be charged at the market price.

All special equipment is available on request only.


An additional charge of Euro 45.00 + VAT applies for out of hours pick up/return available at some locations by request only.

*NEW - An Airport surcharge of Euro 25.00 + Tax per rental day.

Sales Tax Spain = 16% (Canaries only 13%). Please note, sales tax is calculated by the drop off date (not pick up date).

Delivery and collections may be permitted on request and local conditions and charges apply.
During office hours:
Delivery: On Request there Euro 25.00 + vat charge for delivery within city limits.
Collection: On request there is a Euro 17.00 + vat charge for collection within city limits.
Out of City Limits: Depending on the distance, the delivery/collection charge out of the city limits can be higher, please check at time of booking.  General Condition is: EUR 0.70 + VAT applicable for each km out of city limits, with a minimum amount of EUR 47.00 + VAT.
Out Of Hours:
Delivery & Collection: as per the above PLUS the out of hours charge of Euro 45.00 + VAT

Refueling Policy

*NEW - For ATESA locations: Car is supplied with a full tank, the customer must return full or cost will be Euros 14.50 plus VAT plus the price of missing fuel. For CICAR Locations: CICAR will often not supply the car with a full tank and expects the customer to return the vehicle with the same amount of fuel.

No refunds are issued for unused fuel. Refueling costs are subject to change at any time. Please ask for further details when picking up the vehicle.

Payment Policy

All major credit cards  (VISA, AMEX, Master Card, Diners) are accepted. Travellers Cheques and Eurocheques are not accepted. Cash rentals are NOT allowed. An international valid credit card is required and a deposit on the credit card will be held. If cards do not permit deposits, then charges will have to be made.

A credit card is always required for deposits. The deposit will be the estimated rental fees plus EUR 100.00, which is held on the credit card until the car is returned. In addition a Fuel Deposit may be required.

Sales Tax Spain = 18% (Canaries only 13%). Please note, sales tax is calculated by the drop off date (not pick up date).


Reservations will be confirmed by vehicle group. Specific makes, models cannot be guaranteed. Minimum rental period is 3 days. 24 hours equals one rental day.

Roadside Assistance

In case of accident or breakdown, please note the following emergency telephone numbers

From anywhere on the Spanish Mainland: dial 90 215 2898.
From any other country: dial + 34 91 594 9363 (24 hours).
A replacement car will be provided if necessary.


Insurances + Waivers

*NEW -

Theft Protection Waiver (TPW) if purchased, will reduce financial responsibility for the vehicle to the sum of the deductible. (Currently EURO 598-962)

Collision Damage  Waiver (CDW) if purchased reduces the amount of the renter’s damage responsibility to the sum of the deductible (Currently EURO 598-962). If CDW is declined, then the renter may be liable for the whole value of the damage/loss. CDW is optional if not included in the rates. If chosen by the customer, CDW must be mandatory bought together with Theft Protection (TP)

Additional insurance coverage waivers may be purchased at time of pick up to cover:  Super CDW, Personal Accident Insurance, Super Personal Accident Insurance. Please ask for details.

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